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R W Trailer Parts has a deep selection of trailer tires in stock. We sell tires on or off the rim, in Bias Ply and Radial. We sell all of the most common tire sizes, from 8” – 16”, “open center” to 4 lug to 8 lug, on white spoke, mod, aluminum, or galvanized rims. Lug wrenches, single or tandem axle jacks in stock for emergency tire changes. Featuring brands from Tredit, bias-ply tires are typically “H188” brand, while radials are “Roadrider” or “Goodyear” in most cases. Our tires come with a warranty! What type of trailer tire is best for you? Consider how much weight and how many miles you put on your trailer. For long trips, radial tires are usually the best match on sizes 13” and higher. With a softer sidewall, radial tires expand when they get hot, say after driving nonstop for a number of hours. RV's and auto haulers typically use radial tires for this reason, but they are more expensive than bias tires. If you use your trailer locally and don't put many highway miles on it, then consider the cheaper, but equally weight-capable bias ply tires. The harder sidewall resists damage done from twisting and turning in tight areas like parking lots and boat ramps and weight capacity is identical to its radial counterpart. Passenger car tires, though sometimes cheaper, do not typically handle the same weight, and give too much when loaded, creating a number of issues. Have a question about trailer tires? Call the experts at R W Trailer Parts today!


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